That’s a Wrap!

Me choosing to redesign my main site for the final project / Searching for a theme that would suit my style more than the generic theme given /   Downloading 5 different themes to finally realize I should’ve just stuck with the first one because I liked it best / Attempting to activate plugins such as Wordfence, Jetpack, and […]

Week 4 Reflection

This week has definitely been just as busy as the last with even more new things thrown my way. I’d be lying if I said said this wasn’t the hardest week yet. Between everything I learned I can honestly say I tried my hardest to understand and display what I have learned. Hopefully over time […]

Module 3 Phase 1: Text Analysis

Based on the options for this weeks modules I truly don’t know much about any of the choices that were offered. With that being said I decided to look further into text analysis because it seems to be highly useful and interesting to learn about. I definitely want to expand my knowledge on this subject. […]

Week 3 Report

I’d be lying if I said this week wasn’t stressful. We learned about web literacy, reading laterally, going upstream, sponsored content etc. all of which while trying to determine if a claim on digipo was fake or true. This all was based off of Mike Caufield’s web literacy textbook that provided us with numerous chapters […]

Love your selfie

Movie on 7-15-17 at 11.48 PM To some selfies are an art, to others it may be therapeutic, maybe even narcissistic. Whatever you believe selfies are, this doesn’t change the fact we can’t stop discussing and indulging in them. Since the first selfie was thought to be taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius, these images […]

First… let me take a selfie

Selfies are everywhere. I think back to my years in high school when the selfie first went viral. I was on the yearbook committee and we dedicated a page to pay tribute to these images of our faces. There was at least fifty selfies on there. It’s insane to think that about four years later, […]

Object Lessons Assignment

For those who don’t know this detailed assignment, I was asked to dive into the history of a particular electronic device of my choosing. With that being said this device had to no longer be utilized, but somehow still managed to linger around. The aim of it was to discover and share this devices story. […]

Start of Something New

Troy and Gabriella said it best in high school musical “…cause it’s the start of something new”. This first week of beginning the digital studies course was nothing shy of this. It has been a whirlwind of new and exciting experiences. I first had the opportunity of learning about what a domain is and then […]